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Article revised: 11 August 2019
Original article published 21 July 2019

And other tips for savvy consumers

How many of you out there regularly read product labels? I know I don’t. I mean who has time? You’re in a hurry to pick up dinner, you grab something and run. Many times after I arrived home and looked at the label I realized I should have left that product on the shelf. In this article, I am trying to save you from yourself.

Read CBD product labels and tips for savvy consumers

When it comes to CBD, be a savvy consumer. Read the label before you buy because CBD products are not created equal. Today I am going to share some tips on reading and deciphering CBD labels for those of you who are new to CBD. I want to be a trusted adviser for consumers and those looking for information.

New to CBD?

If you are a new CBD consumer, do your research and read labels. When I made my first CBD purchase, I was looking to the sales person for guidance and information. The only thing she could tell me is that she liked taking it, but not the reasons why. She was clueless. She was just looking to expand her business and thought adding CBD to her product line would boost her sales. Just so you know, everybody is selling CBD these days.

Tip #1: Talk to knowledgeable salespeople or do your own online research before you head to the local shop. If salespeople speak the lingo, but you don’t understand what they’re saying and they can’t explain it to you, leave.

Caution: if you are new to CBD, we suggest that you begin with a small daily concentration of CBD to avoid potential side effects. CBD tinctures can be found in concentrations as low as 100mg per 30ml bottle. Gummies and soft-gel caps are available in concentrations as low as 10mg.

Research and read product labels

Before you make your purchase, do your research and read product labels. They should include this type of information:

  • name of the manufacturer or distributor
  • type of product, full spectrum, broad spectrum , or CBD isolate
  • concentration of THC by volume; less than .3% or zero THC
  • concentration of CBD by volume, usually in milligrams (mg)
  • suggested dose and how to take it
  • storage and safety precautions
  • number of mg of CBD per bottle
  • net weight of the bottle, typically 30ml
  • active and inactive ingredients, and
  • FDA statement.

Important: using CBD on a regular basis may cause you to have a positive/false positive urinalysis for THC.

Tip #2: If you’re still talking with the salesperson, verify the extraction method used by the manufacturer if you can. A knowledgeable salesperson will know. One of the cleanest extraction methods uses CO2 and is generally regarded as safe by the FDA for consumption.

Read CBD labels; Generic CBD label so you know what to look for
Generic example of a 500mg, full spectrum CBD tincture label

In our generic example, the net amount of cannabinoids in each bottle is 500mg of CBD and the net weight of the bottle is 30ml, approximately a 30-day supply.

If you take athen each dose contains
1 ml or 30 drops (approximate) dose each dayapproximately 17mg of cannabinoids

I want to be a trusted adviser to both product consumers and those looking for information and education.

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FDA compliant label

Product labels from established providers of CBD will contain the same level of information. IF the product label does not meet compliance guidelines, put it back on the shelf

Thanks to Ben Boyce of CBDX for letting me share this example of compliant labeling.

Read CBD labels; Best CBD Oil for Athletes
Best CBD Oil for Athletes

The FDA is cracking down on manufactures and re-sellers because of false or misleading claims, such as “CBD cures cancer” or “CBD aids you in getting a better night’s sleep”.

Tip #3: Don’t believe all the hype. Be a savvy consumer, read labels, do the research, and make the smart choice for yourself.

Lab testing

Many growers/manufacturers test their seeds, the hemp plants while they are in the field, and the extracts through each phase of the purification process. They also use third-party labs to confirm their results.

Legitimate manufacturers will give you access to lab tests as a show of transparency. Lab testing ensures that the products you purchase are free of (1) pesticides, (2) heavy metals, (3) microbial organisms, (4) molds, and (5) fungus.

Tip #4: Confirm lab results at the manufacturers website. If you can’t find them, you might want to rethink your recent purchase.

Did you know

Did you know that hemp is a natural way to clean up the environment and still get a commercial product? Growing hemp removes contamination from the soil through a process called “bioremediation” or “phytoremediation” and improves the content on the soil. This is why lab testing is important, because hemp is pulling all the bad stuff from the soil.

Other information on labels or websites

Look for all or a combination of these symbols on the labels you buy. More information about these symbols to come.

Read CBD labels; Labeling symbols

Future blog articles

Future posts from Phenix Rising Wellness will address individual products and product dosing.

Share your thoughts and experiences

If you care to share your CBD experiences, good or bad, leave a comment. Let’s get the conversation started.


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