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As I continue my journey to improved health and wellness, the next logical step was to improve my diet. Yes, I’ve been on Weight Watchers for the last year, but I’ve hit a plateau that I can’t seem to break through. So I decided to change up my standard breakfast of  oatmeal and nuts to smoothies through the holidays. I will be starting a 30-day cleanse using Arbonne products in January. 

But before I could prepare said smoothies, I needed to purchase a personal blender. I don’t own many kitchen gadgets aside from a crock pot and a George Foreman Grill because I really don’t like to cook, but making smoothies is not cooking so I started the search. 

With so many models on the market, I begin my search on Google. And that search typically leads me to amazon. I looked at a few before I landed on this Willsence Personal Blender. I read user reviews and decided to give it a try. So it’s my turn to give you my unbiased and unpaid opinion.

I’ve been using the blender for a week+ now and I am satisfied with the blender,  and my smoothies! I know, it’s too late for you Christmas shoppers, but it’s right on time for you to make a change for the new year.

Willsence Personal Blender for smoothies and shakes
Willsence Personal Blender for smoothies and shakes.

Product specs

I typically use bananas and ice in my smoothies, like most of you I guess, so I needed a blender that could handle the density of frozen bananas. This Willsence Personal Blender has 700 watts of blending power and it easily handled frozen bananas with skins on the Ultra mode. The Blend mode is great for protein shakes, berries, and other juicy fruits. 

The blender runs in short spurts up to a maximum length of 45 seconds. Push either of the buttons to turn the blender off. 

Note: the manufacturer cautions users about overheating the unit when blending more dense ingredients. Turn off the blender, add more water, and let it cool down before continuing. Let hot ingredients cool before putting them in the blender. 

Close up of Willsence Personal Blender


A quick search on Google turned up prices ranging from $39.99 to $49.99 for this model. I purchased my blender from amazon and they offered a $3 coupon, so I got my blender for $36.99.

I typically do not purchase the extra warranty, but it was offered for under $5 if your interested. The unit comes with a 2-year limited warranty. 

If you are looking for “Made in America” sticker, this is not your blender.  


The blending bottles and lids are both dishwasher safe. Rinse the blade attachment with water and dry, but be careful, the blades are sharp. To clean the base, wipe with a damp cloth. 


What I like about my blender:

  • the price
  • bottles and lids are  dishwasher safe
  • easy to clean
  • suction cups on the base to keep it in place
  • recipe book, and
  • bottle or serving  size.

The recipe book is jam-packed with smoothie recipes for every taste:

  • health and energy
  • detox, and
  • weight loss. 


What I don’t like or finally figured out: 

  • it’s noisy
  • locking mechanism, and
  • the cap on the bottle lid. 

There are quieter models on the market, and this one could use some work in that department. Don’t put this next to the babies bedroom.

The locking mechanism took me a minute to figure out, and would have been easier if I had read the instruction booklet. At first I couldn’t get it to lock, but then I realized I had to line up the arrow on the blade attachment with the unlock symbol on the base. Turn clockwise to lock. Stop when the lights on the base come on.  

I learned the hard way that when the lights come on, the blending bottle is in the “lock” position. Do not keep tightening or the blade attachment can get stuck in the base when you go to take it off. This can get  messy fast. 

Finally, the plastic cap that on the lid is really stiff and it is hard to push into the locking position. The cap  gets in the way when you are drinking from the bottle. I imagine that this will loosen up over time. 

What to do if you get the blade attachment too tight in the base

I did this three times. I guess I’m a slow learner!!! Anyway. tighten the bottle back onto the blade. Turn the unit upside down and remove the blending bottle. 

Take the second blending bottle and screw it onto the blade attachment. Turn the unit upright.

Press down on the bottom of the bottle while turning counter-clockwise to release the lock on the blade attachment. I’m guessing this is why they give you two bottles–for people like me!  


I like to keep my smoothies simple. A liquid, some fruit, and OLEO Original Mix, which is a flavorless, 25mg CBD powder for extra focus and to get me going in the morning.  

Blend on Ultra mode until the ice is crushed. Enjoy!

Are you following Weight Watchers? This is one (1) WW point. 

Smoothie ingredients (1) almond milk (2) fresh fruit, (3) 25mg CBD powder, and (4) ice.
Strawberry smoothie

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