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Pensacola Beach, Florida at sunset
Pensacola Beach, Florida at sunset

This was a hard page to write, I mean, trying to explain why I decided to get into online CBD sales doesn’t make any sense. I’ve always been an advocate for medical (and recreational) cannabis, and now with CBD legal in all 50 states, I thought why not, but this is not the main reason I decided to dip my toes into the CBD pool.

The primary impetus for this change in my life came about after a friend and mentor was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. She had spoken with me about retirement, but she wasn’t “ready yet”. Because I am a few years younger than her, I hadn’t thought seriously about retirement either. After her diagnoses, my thinking changed and I wondered what I could do for me and my family to take us into the future. You never know how much time you have. “Enjoy life now” is what I was thinking.

Second, I have a son with chronic health issues, including a seizure disorder, since he was a pre-teen. Because of his disability, he has been out of work for several years and I thought a business of our own would be a way for him to work and feel useful again. A lot of stigma is still associated with seizures and he’s lost jobs because of the ignorance around of the disorder. If I’m his boss, he won’t get fired because he’s incapacitated for a couple days.

Finally, I don’t want to spend the rest of my working career in corporate America. Living on a schedule defined by someone else and taking vacations based on workload and the whims of a supervisor (but in all fairness, my manager never placed any of those type of restrictions on me). As an entrepreneur, my work/life rhythm will be more balanced and harmonious. If I want to sleep until 9:00 a.m. I can. If I want to take a long working vacation I can do that too.

So these are the reasons I am doing this. It’s not to make millions, but to live the life that I feel I deserve. And if I can help other people live a life supported by nature’s bounty, then that’s a good thing. And if I can make some money while doing it, that’s OK too!


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