My 30-day CBD journey

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Beginning of Week 1

As I started my product research, I concluded that if I was going to sell CBD products, I needed to use CBD on a more regular basis. Before this, I have only used CBD topically for a knee injury. As far as my knee is concerned, CBD helped with the inflammation and made my skin nice and soft! I like the earthly aroma of the oil, but you could easily add a few drops of your favorite essential oil; maybe lavender.

For the next 30 days, I am taking 33mg of THC-free CBD sublingually once a day; usually after breakfast.

Areas of improvement

I am looking for improvement in these areas based on anecdotal information from other users. I hope to see improvement, but am open to the possibility that I will not see any changes. I mean this blog is about giving potential customers an honest and unbiased assessment of CBD.

  • jump-start my weight loss after hitting a plateau
  • improved skin tone
  • appetite suppression
  • mood enhancement
  • decreased knee pain
  • improved texture of hair and fingernails, and
  • reduce inflammation.

Possible Contraindications

I also understand that herbal remedies may have consequences or adverse affects for health conditions that I take prescription medication for. I want to be as informed as I can be, so I can share the information with you.

  • blood pressure
  • blood sugar, and
  • bowel movements.

†Rate of Improvement

I will rate improvements on a scale of 1 (no change) to 5 (wow). For items with an asterisk (*) I also will include my numbers.

Weight loss*5; 5 lbs
Skin tone1
Knee pain1
Hair and fingernails1
Blood pressure*1
Blood sugar*1
Bowel function2


Week 1

I lost weight, but need more time to determine if this loss is based on diet, activity-level or loss of water weight or the introduction of the CBD. I did notice some appetite suppression, which is a good thing because I still have weight to lose. As far as blood pressure and blood sugar numbers they are remaining constant and controlled.

Thanks for reading. Come back next week for more.


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