CBD Fruit-flavored Oral Spray by NAYSA

NAYSA CBD Fruit-flavored sleep support spray
NAYSA Sleep Support

Post updated on 14 September 2019.


NAYSA fruit-flavored oral sprays are packaged in a sleek, spray bottle with classic black and gold label. The spray bottles are shrink-wrapped for safety. A label on the cap includes the lot number and manufacturing date of the product.

Minor issue with the nozzle: it didn’t appear to work so I unscrewed the top and took my dose by putting a few drops under my tongue. Less than accurate dosing, but I was getting ready for bed and didn’t feel like messing around with it.

Resolution: it just needed a little extra priming, so don’t give up. If you need to, you can flush the nozzle and tube with water.


A lot of information is printed on the label to ensure compliance. You may need a magnifying glass or reading glasses to read the information.

Serving size

The oral sprays contain about 10 doses (2 squirts each) that deliver 0.2666 grams of CBD per dose. Total dose is 52.5mg of CBD. Total volume is 8ml or .25 oz.


CBD fruit-flavored oral sprays have a refreshing fruity-flavor.

List price


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Available oral sprays from NAYSA

  • Decompress
  • Boost Energy, and
  • Get Some Sleep.

My take on the Sleep Spray

I really liked the sleep spray. Other ingredients include valerian and melatonin which I believed helped me to fall asleep and stay asleep.

For travelers that need a bit of help to relax after a day travel, the spray container is a convenient size; taking very little space in your travel kit, but offering big sleep benefits.

Which of these oral sprays would like us to sell? For future product development, any others flavors you would purchase? Leave a comment. We would like to hear from you.


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