CBD and (gasp) diarrhea

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IF you are embarrassed by poop or a bit of foul language, pass this post by 🙂

Back story

If you read my previous post, you know that I was only a sporadic user of CBD and then it was a topical application for my knee. However, when I decided to open on online CBD retail shop, I figured I needed to spend some quality time with CBD by using tinctures sublingually for a month.

The first week of my month-long trial I finished up the bottle of 100mg CBD tincture that I had on hand. Waste not, want not, right? This product was manufactured by CosPro Labs in California. The purchase was made by my son from the local head shop. Hemp oil was used as the carrier oil. Tummy was just fine, as was my bowel movement. But it was a low dose.

My first CBD purchase

To complete my month-long trial, I had to make a purchase, so I rolled around to my local florist shop to make the buy. Yes, you read that correctly, my local florist is selling CBD products. They are right around the corner from my house, so they are convenient.

The florist only had high-dose CBD on the shelves so I grabbed a 30ml bottle of 1000mg tincture. This tincture was sold by CBD Medi, in Campbell, MO. This product used both MCT coconut oil and PCR hemp oil as the carrier oils. I thought nothing of it, these oils are good for you, right?

First day, first dose

The next morning (Friday) I started on the higher dose. A full 33mg after breakfast. Later that day in the bathroom I noticed that my stool had definitely loosened up. Now that may not be a bad thing if you tend to be constipated, get that shit out, right. And I had not reached the ‘I don’t trust a fart’ phase, but it was a little disconcerting. I had an inkling it was the tincture, but not 100% sure.

I continued with the same dose on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with the same resulting afternoon shit storm accompanied by flatulence. So now it’s time to do some research. Come to find out, high doses of CBD can cause diarrhea and tummy trouble in some users.

It’s typically not the CBD that causes the tummy trouble, but the other ingredients or a possible production error. Hemp oil is high in fiber and coconut oil is high in fat. Talk about a combination to cause diarrhea and flatulence, this is it.

If you have tummy trouble, it is suggested you stop taking CBD for a couple of days until your bowel activity returns to normal. Restart your CBD at a reduced dose. This is what I will be doing starting tomorrow, 500mg sublingually.

My next poop report will be Thursday. Stay tuned. Want to start a conversation about a shitty experience you had and how you overcame it, leave a comment below.

Other potential side effects of CBD

  • dry mouth
  • reduced appetite
  • drowsiness, and
  • fatigue.

Possible gastrointestinal support from CBD

  • constipation
  • anti-inflammatory
  • reduce bloat
  • reduce intestinal motility


I do not endorse or intend to suggest that you should not purchase the products I mentioned above. IF you use products such as CBD, be body aware and if anything I mentioned in this post makes you wary about using CBD, then don’t use it.

Til next time.


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