30-day challenge – week 3

So it’s the end of week three and time to report on how things went this week.


I am sleeping more soundly and when I do wake up, I fall back to sleep more quickly. No counting backwards from 100 until I drift off. No picking a letter from the alphabet and thinking of as many words with that letter as I can till I fall back to sleep. No reading in the middle of the night. I really hope this keeps up, because I tend to not get enough sleep.

Mood and sense of well-being

Mood and sense of well-being continues to improve. I am calmer and less disturbed by the drama of others at work and at home. I plan to speak with my doctor about coming off of a prescription medication.

Heartburn and acid-reflux

I was regularly taking over-the-counter medication for acid-reflux. I tried to quit taking it on multiple occasions with no luck. After four days or so I would have to go back on it to get some relief. These types of medications have been linked to Alzheimer’s so I really didn’t want to keep taking it if I had other options.

I read that CBD may help with a reduction in acid-reflux so I thought I would give it a try and come off the OTC medication to see what would happen. So far, so good. No acid-reflux all week! I am going to pay attention to this over the next and final week of my 30-day challenge.

Bowel report

I know that older people talking about bowel activity is cliche, but it really is an indicator of overall health. I am happy to report that I have become very ‘regular’. From someone who had one or two bowel movements a week, this is a big deal.

In closing

I would like to say that I am seeing more benefit than not over the last three weeks in the way I feel and my outlook in general. I have been working hard to get this business up and going, but I haven’t been stressed about some of the roadblocks as I might have been a few months ago.

Take note

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