30-day challenge – week 2

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So the jazzy little table that I made to track physical and psychological effects of CBD during this challenge is not working. It was supposed to be “reusable” content, but when I try to save the updates, they disappear. Like in, not saved. So I am including the chart as a point of reference only until I can figure it out.

Weight loss*5; 5 lbs
Skin tone1
Knee pain1
Hair and fingernails1
Blood pressure*1
Blood sugar*1
Bowel function2

Weight loss

Weight loss this week did not have the wow factor of last week, but I still dropped a pound That’s OK. I had a feeling that I was dropping water weight from vacation anyway, which is good too.

Skin tone, hair and fingernails

My skin is looking better, but I have been diligent with my water intake, cleansing, and moisturizing. My nails typically grow fast and I have not had any noticeable change in those. Hair has been thinning lately, but it appears to have stopped falling out (stress-related). I really hope my hair improves or I will have to shave my head bald.

Appetite suppression

I have definitely noticed that I feel full, faster. Now, I have been watching calorie intake and exercising more since January, but this is a noticeable difference in that feeling of fullness after I eat. I will continue to monitor this more carefully over the next week.

Mood and sense of well-being

I have not noticed any major changes; however, I am feeling less stressed out from work and I am sleeping better. Big plus!

Knee pain

Knee pain has remained constant for the most part of the week although it seems to be flaring up the last couple of days. I created a serum with 2000mg CBD, lavender essential oil, and sweet almond oil as the carrier. I might need to boost the dosage of CBD. Or maybe the increased knee pain is a result of the barometric pressure. You know, weather knee.

Blood pressure and blood sugar

Both of these have remained under control. In some consumers, CBD can interact with blood pressure medications much like grapefruit does and throws you blood pressure for a loop. I am glad the CBD is not causing me any issues, but I will continue to keep an eye on it.

And now

For the update you all have been waiting for. Diarrhea has left the house. It only lasted a couple of days and for all I know, I might have had a stomach bug. I am glad to report that I have a normal stool and I am pooping on a more regular basis.

That’s it for this weeks report. I will be back next Thursday with an update of week 3. Maybe I will have the chart working propery. Till then.


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