30-day CBD – challenge wrap up

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Updated 5 August 2019 to clarify my dosage information.

A month ago, with CBD EVERYWHERE, I decided to go into business for myself and open an online CBD shop. However, I felt strongly that if I was going to sell products that contained CBD, I had to give CBD a serious try. I purchased pharmaceutical-grade, THC free, 1000mg CBD and got started. I took my dose daily after breakfast each day.

Note: a 1000mg/30ml bottle of tincture delivers approximately 33.33mg of CBD per 1ml dose.

I am writing this final update after 28 days. I plan to continue using CBD daily, with hopes of continuing wellness improvements.

So what changes did I notice

1. Bowel function: As with some first-timers, I had some bowel dysfunction, but that all leveled out after a couple of days. I have become quite ‘regular’ and I feel better for it. The associated gas has also decreased to pre-CBD days.

2. Weight loss; during this 28-day period, I lost 6 pounds which is on par with improved diet and exercise. I did notice some appetite suppression in the early days, but that seemed to lessen as time went on.

3. Minor side effect: I had a bit of cotton-mouth in the early days. My solution to that was to drink more water and the dry mouth resolved itself.

4. Acid reflux: I had a noticeable reduction in acid reflux and was able to stop taking my daily OTC medication. A couple of times I needed to take Tums and that solved the problem. I am very glad that I don’t need the OTC med anymore. I would much rather take an occasional tummy remedy.

5. Quality of sleep: I noticed an improvement even though many nights I just barely got 8 hours of sleep. I often slept right thru until morning and if I did wake up, I fell back to sleep more quickly. Considering my sleep patterns have been disturbed for the last few months by work stress, I was pleasantly surprised to wake up feeling well-rested.

No noticeable or minor improvements

1. Mood: I did notice some general improvement in my mood. Nothing like taking a Xanax, but a calmness when confronted by daily job stressors. I guess it also pays to tell yourself to “not sweat the small stuff” which I seem do on a regular basis these days.

2. Knee pain: I did not have any noticeable improvement in my knee pain. I plan to purchase a rub that I can apply topically. I will let you know how that turns out for me. I didn’t expect much improvement, because let’s face it, I don’t have any cartilage left in that knee and will most likely need an new joint.

3. Hair, nails, and skin tone are about the same. Maybe I will see improvement after prolonged use of CBD.

In closing

For me, this month has been an overall positive experience. I am moving along with building my company. I have a CBD vendor, a processing gateway, and my site is looking ok. It’s not perfect, but just like anything that matters, it takes time. If you have been following along with my CBD journey, I hope my observations about CBD help you make decisions about whether CBD is right for you. And if you do, I hope you purchase your products from me.

I am very excited about the vendor I selected and the products I want to share with you.


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